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Medical industry




The digital age escorts health

"Building and sharing, and health for all" is the strategic theme of building a healthy China. Biande De “Full Link Medical” creates a health archive regional medical information platform through the deep integration of big data and cloud computing technologies, and utilizes the most advanced IoT technology to realize the interaction between patients and medical staff, medical institutions and medical devices. Build a smart medical service system.



Personalized needs

Mobile medical solutions

Provides comprehensive coverage for the medical industry, security and control, simple operation and maintenance, and future-oriented wireless network solutions.

Regional Population Health Information Platform Solution

Provide innovative ICT solutions such as virtualized cloud platform, health file lifecycle management, and cloud network for health informationization.

Graded diagnosis and treatment solution

Based on the new ICT architecture of medical collaboration, cloud sharing, open compatibility and one network, one cloud and one platform, we will work with partners to build a graded diagnosis and treatment solution.




Medical industry solution architecture diagram





Program advantage

  • 医疗行业
    Customizable automation integration
    Customize high-availability supporting solutions based on user service characteristics/application scenarios.
  • 医疗行业
    Improve efficiency and work experience
    It is convenient and accurate to access EMR in real time through Pad/PDA; PACS images are read in real time to assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment and improve efficiency.
  • 医疗行业
    Real time online
    The server adopts a high-availability redundancy design, and performs real-time checking on the service ports of each server on the back end to ensure that the system is online in real time.
  • 医疗行业
    High scalability
    Application-based network architecture makes it easy to seamlessly expand business systems in the future.

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