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Financial industry background

Delayed packet loss restricts development: The Internet financial industry has entered a stage of rapid development. It is prone to delays during cross-border access, and problems such as packet loss have restricted the development of the Internet financial industry to a certain extent. The system is running slowly: the Internet financial customer group is diverse and huge, the business growth rate is difficult to predict, and the server resource estimation is insufficient, resulting in a slow system after the user volume increases; the data is easy to lose: the Internet financial industry has a large amount of data and a high level of importance. Failure or attack can easily cause data loss, causing huge losses to enterprises and users. Business fluctuation range: Internet finance industry pays attention to user experience and data security, and has a wide range of business fluctuations and high overall IT construction standards. It requires a flexible and complete architecture to support the normal operation of the entire platform.



Financial industry network needs

  • 金融行业
    Quality requirements
    The industry has a large amount of data and high bandwidth requirements. The core requirement is that the network speed is fast and stable.
  • 金融行业
    High flexibility
    Provide customized solutions for the availability, scalability and high performance requirements of the website system architecture, requiring rapid business response and intelligent disaster recovery.
  • 金融行业
    The data has high requirements for important grades, and it is necessary to provide targeted security protection against the serious security risks in the industry.
  • 金融行业
    Service response
    It has high requirements for post-maintenance, management, and service response. Once it encounters network problems or server problems, it can respond to and solve problems in time to reduce business losses.




Financial Industry Solution Architecture


Program advantage

  • 金融行业
    Free customization
    Customize high-availability supporting solutions based on user service characteristics/application scenarios.
  • 金融行业
    Improve efficiency and work experience
    The Connected Pioneer MT4/5 Forex Trading Solution provides the server's nearest choice, ensuring efficient and fast user access, preventing excessive packet loss and resulting in customer transaction failure.
  • 金融行业
    Real time online
    The transaction and history server is designed with high availability redundancy, and real-time checks are performed on the service ports of each transaction/historical server on the back end to ensure that the system is online in real time.
  • 金融行业
    High scalability
    Application-based network architecture makes it easy to seamlessly expand business systems in the future.

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