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Hardware technology


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the installation and commissioning of servers and related products and software;

2. Responsible for accepting after-sales service hotline consultation, system security, and conducting effective analysis and follow-up processing;

3. The combination of testing and application of new technologies and new products in the server industry;

4. New product and technical support and training of the company;

5. Responsible for hardware maintenance service work;

6. Responsible for coordinating the sales department to handle project progress and quickly resolve user needs.



job requirements:


1. College degree or above, graduated from computer or related majors;

2. Understand the knowledge of server and server accessories, familiar with technical services and customer relationship maintenance knowledge, technical data management,

Familiar with server hardware;

3. proficient in Linux, have a certain understanding of the Linux kernel, familiar with Linux program development and debugging, can quickly in Linux


4. Familiar with the computer system structure and understand the commonly used cluster system software;

5. Proficiency in virtualization, GPU computing, high availability, common infrastructure systems, and strong learning ability;

6. with a good sense of service, communication and coordination and teamwork spirit, with a certain ability to withstand pressure;

7. Priorities with working experience in the server industry.



operating hours:


Morning: 9:00 - 12:00

Rest: 12:00 - 13:30

Afternoon: 13:30 - 18:00

Five days and seven and a half hours, all holidays are subject to national regulations

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