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With emerging science technologies such as genetic testing, geological analysis, and astronomical observations, there is increasing reliance on big data analysis and flexible data transmission. Scientific research institutions face a series of problems such as insufficient bandwidth, low reliability, many types of equipment on the live network, complex management, and long time for new services. The peak of the number has come from the embankment, and it has an ultra-wide, flexible and intelligent network to cope with it. The company's research solution, end-to-end MS-OTN architecture, unified hosting of multiple services SDH / IP / FC, support Infiniband interface for HPC high performance computing interconnect; single fiber capacity greater than 20Tbit, single wave from 100G Smooth evolution to 200G/400G/1T, easily respond to large data transmissions in scientific institutions. Research organization solutions create an ultra-wide, flexible, and intelligent network that meets your network connectivity and service delivery requirements.



Personalized needs

Big Data & AI

The company's Big Data & AI platform is a unified platform for enterprise-level big data integration, storage, query, analysis and artificial intelligence, and rapidly builds massive data information processing systems for enterprises. Through real-time and non-real-time analysis and mining, enterprises can get real value from massive data information, and timely insight into opportunities and prevent risks.

Software Defined Storage (SDS)

As the amount of data has increased dramatically, cheap storage solutions have received attention. Cost per GB, scalability, and high availability are key points for future storage solutions. Bühler provides high-performance, scalable and high-capacity software-defined storage solutions for enterprises to handle massive data and complex business scenarios, satisfying the enterprise's demand for block storage, object storage and file storage, and helping enterprises accelerate digital transformation.

CAE industrial simulation

The traditional industrial product development solution not only makes the customer face the long process of multiple rounds of design, sample sampling and verification, the teams can not effectively coordinate the development, the operation development efficiency is low, the final design and manufacturing cost rises, and even the output of the operation deviates from the final Goal, the whole process becomes very uncontrollable. Based on customer needs, the company's CAE industrial simulation solution optimizes high-performance computing platforms for three major business scenarios: collision testing, fluid analysis, and structural design.

High performance computing

High-performance computing has a wide range of applications and tremendous influence in research, government, industry, and national defense. When the theoretical model is complex and the experiment is expensive and impossible to carry out the actual experiment, the calculation becomes the main means to solve the problem. Many large tasks can only be solved by high performance computing. Based on high-performance servers and high-capacity storage, Bühler is working with high-performance partners to provide end-to-end, full-area, life-cycle high-performance computing solutions. End-to-end high-performance computing solutions, including infrastructure, hardware resources, system environment, cluster management, service platform, industry applications.


Research Institute High Performance Computing Solution Architecture




Program advantage

  • 科研机构
    Customizable automation integration
    Customize high-availability supporting solutions based on user service characteristics/application scenarios.
  • 科研机构
    High performance, highly reliable, highly scalable network
    The core device provides 900Gbps non-blocking switching capability, and it can provide 168 line rate Gigabit interfaces or 14 line rate 10G interfaces in one chassis. Guarantee the high performance and scalability of the network. All key components (switch modules, routing modules, power modules) have been redundantly designed to support online hot swap, which provides a strong guarantee for large campus networks in terms of performance and reliability.
  • 科研机构
    Real time online
    The server adopts a high-availability redundancy design, and performs real-time checking on the service ports of each server on the back end to ensure that the system is online in real time.
  • 科研机构
    High scalability
    Application-based network architecture makes it easy to seamlessly expand business systems in the future.

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