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Edge Computing

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The wave of digital transformation in the global industry has spawned and set off a new wave of industrial transformation. The distinctive feature of this wave is the inclusion of “things” in smart interconnections, triggering industrial services and business model innovations, and having a profound impact on the value chain, supply chain and industry ecology.

Based on this, the company has launched an edge computing IoT solution. The solution is deeply open, not only supports rich industrial protocols and interfaces, but also adapts to different industry connection scenarios. Moreover, through open edge computing capabilities and cloud management architecture, it can quickly meet the intelligent data processing appeals of different industries and help the industry to innovate rapidly. Improve production efficiency and quality, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and improve public service levels.



  • 边缘计算解决方案
    Business reliability
    Single point of failure is absolutely unacceptable in industrial-scale scenarios. A large number of key operations cannot rely on the central cloud, and the production system on site must maintain a certain degree of autonomy and autonomy. For example, the manufacturing control system, through the distributed intelligence of the edge and the autonomous system, rather than relying on centralized intelligence, can guarantee the local survivability of the entire system.
  • 边缘计算解决方案
    Processing real-time
    In areas where real-time requirements are high, such as production control, the service control delay must be less than 10 milliseconds or less. If the decision control is placed in the cloud center, the above delay requirements will not be met at all. Therefore, some analysis and control functions need to be placed on the edge device to meet the real-time needs of the business.
  • 边缘计算解决方案
    Data security
    For more industry systems, especially military applications, the security and privacy of access networks is even more important. Through the edge cloud, an encrypted tunnel can be established between the IoT gateway and the data center to further improve the security and privacy of the system.
  • 边缘计算解决方案
    Calculating distribution
    The edge cloud naturally has distributed features, supports distributed computing and storage, realizes dynamic scheduling and unified management of distributed resources, supports distributed intelligence, and has distributed security capabilities.
  • 边缘计算解决方案
    Environmentally binding
    Edge cloud products need to adapt to the relatively harsh operating environment of the industrial site, such as anti-electromagnetic, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-vibration, anti-current / voltage fluctuations, etc.; also have high requirements on the power consumption, cost and space of the equipment. Edge clouds are integrated and optimized through software and hardware to accommodate various environmental constraints.

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